Professional Summary

Pivot Point

I’m determined to find a position that focuses on content creation and allows me to expand my SEO and social media  marketing skills. I want to shift my focus from building relationships as a communications and business manager to making connections and delivering messages through language and data.  

I’ve spent most of my career building relationships, consolidating information, and transforming ideas into action. Here’s a high-level overview of my professional background up to this point.

Communications Management

For eight years, I worked in communications for two Catholic nonprofits. During this time, I created original content for print and digital media and managed outreach efforts for members and donors. I also developed our mass email campaigns, served as an event planner for national conferences, and produced a range of documents including business and strategic plans, articles, and executive correspondence. What I enjoyed most about this time was researching and consolidating information in order to build relationships and expand our mission outreach.

Business Management

Prior to my work in the nonprofit sector, I spent seven years managing a building supply company. In this role, I wore many hats and was ultimately responsible for the business’s performance by just about every measure. During this time, I managed our website and online presence, served as the primary liaison to our clients, and oversaw the operations and finances of the business. During my tenure, the business grew to the point that we built a new facility for our expanding warehouse and operations team.

Other Roles

Beyond these primary roles, I’ve also worked as a technical writer, communications instructor, and in B2B sales.


Experience may be more important than education, but I’ve always been an avid learner and I’ll take advantage of any learning opportunities that come my way. As a result, I’ve completed degrees in both Business and English and continue to expand my SEO skills through online certification and training programs, and by consuming information from every channel available to me.

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