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I live in the Midwest where the winters are real and the summers are perfect. I like trees, dogs, Led Zeppelin, and cast-iron cooking. I’m also looking for a job in marketing or communications that focuses on content creation, copywriting, and SEO. 


If I had to choose one word to describe my career up to this point, it would be “diverse.” I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector as a communications specialist and technical writer, as a salesperson and business manager in the building industry, and served as a college instructor of writing and communications.

The unifying themes throughout my career have been my capacity for storytelling and my ability to process complex information in order to deliver engaging and useful content for others.


Remember that daytime soap opera, Passions? This is not about that. (However, in the spirit of transparency, I did enjoy this show. As far as soaps go, this was the most consistently bizarre. Downright WEIRD. Please don’t judge me too harshly.)

Actually, let’s start this section again.


That’s much better!

Language & Culture

Having a background in English with a focus on literature and culture is both relevant and useful when it comes to content creation and SEO. I spend a great deal of time thinking about language, words, and how people process information.

When it comes to specific interests, I’m into 19th and 20th century American literature, DC Comics, rock music, horror fiction, and blogging. Favorite authors: H.P. Lovecraft, John Steinbeck, Flannery O’Connor, William Faulkner, Ursula Le Guin, and J.R.R. Tolkien. I also write sword and sorcery fantasy fiction in my spare time.

Environmentalism & Outdoors

I love road trips, I love camping, and I love exploring. But I’ve also spent time learning about sustainable living (check out two intentional communities that I’ve visited, Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage and EarthHaven EcoVillage.)

In high school, I started an environmental club to try and get our administration to recycle and to raise awareness among the students and faculty. I think it’s absolutely critical for people to take ownership of their practices in order to live a healthier life in harmony with the environment. When I have the time and money, I support environmental causes and help with projects in the local community.

Mission & Values

After years of working in the nonprofit sector, I know that purpose and values are critical to the success of an organization and mission. I especially enjoy raising awareness and educating others about values and strategy, and securing buy-in from stakeholders.

Lifetime Learning

Not everyone has the opportunity to receive a formal education, and I am deeply grateful for the chance to pursue my own studies. I also know that formal education is not the only avenue to knowledge (and certainly not to wisdom). With that in mind, I’ve often worked or volunteered in roles in which I’ve helped adult learners develop the skills they need to achieve their dreams.

The internet is replete with free resources for learning, and access to information has never been more readily available. I’m an advocate for online courses, instructional videos, and forums where experts share their insights and experiences. There is so much to soak up.

In order to practice what I preach, I continually take advantage of online information to expand and hone my skills set. That’s exactly how I completed certifications for SEO strategies and Google Analytics

So That’s a Little About Me

I’m also happy to talk about chicken salad recipes, my favorite kinds of dogs, the music I like to play (I’m a guitarist), or why DC comic book characters are superior to those of Marvel, but let’s save that for another time.


Rustic. Elegant. Charming. Perfect.

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